Over the last few months, I was planning to start my English blog alongside my Bengali blog. After that thinking, one question came out which platform should I use for my blog?

Because I am a WordPress developer, it is obvious that I will create my blog using WordPress. But, I chose Ghost over WordPress for its simplicity and performance.

Unlike WordPress, Ghost is totally made for blogging. so, the interface is so neat and clean. Personally, I hate the WordPress post editor and I try not to use that for my client websites. But Ghost's post editor is great. Previously it has markdown editor and every developer loves markdown. Now Ghost migrated to block style editor, and love it more.

Ghost's main downside is the themes. Not hundreds of themes available for Ghost like WordPress. You have to choose a theme from a very small collection. But, I never use a ready-made theme for my blogs.

I am not new to the Ghost platform. My Bengali blog also running in Ghost as headless CMS for GatsbyJS front-end. I have experience in Ghost theme development. So, the blog theme is not a problem.

Performance is one of the important things of blogs. And NodeJS is lightning fast. I am not saying WordPress is slow, but for blogs, I will always prefer Ghost. It is a few times faster than WordPress.

I just started learning NodeJS. Working in a real-life NodeJS application helped me a little in learning.

Ghost's performance and simple admin panel are enough to choose it for a blog. Not everyone can use Ghost, it is not that simple in installation and maintenance. But for developers, this is the best platform to host their own blog.

BTW, This is my first blog post here. Let's start the journey. :)